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Rugby is quite a popular game around the world with over a hundred countries worldwide playing the game. It is most popular in France, England, New Zealand, Tonga and Papua New Guinea. Some countries like Madagascar, New Zealand, Wales, Fiji, Tonga, Georgia, and Samoa have actually adopted rugby as their national sport. Rugby has existed since the 1890s as a variant on English football hence its popularity in Europe. While its players do not earn millions of euros unlike their counterparts in English football, the top players still make some lucrative deals with fat paychecks. The following are the top richest rugby players from around the globe.

1. Ayumu Goromaru
Japan’s fullback and the Queensland Reds Goromaru is said to have overtaken All Black star Dan Carter as the world’s highest paid rugby player. The 30-year old rose to the limelight when he spearheaded the Japanese National team amazing performance which included an unexpected win over South Africa. He is reportedly earning more than 1.4 million euros a year mostly from endorsements and sponsorship.