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11 Golfers on Tour That Are Out of Shape


Some professional golfers are overweight and out of shape. Golf is not a cardiovascular demanding sport, so perhaps this is one contributing factor. Caddies carry their equipment, and there is no running or jumping involved. Well, no jumping until that amazing hole in one is accomplished, anyway. Professional golfers can continue their career into their 50’s and beyond, so that may be another reason why this sport has “out of shape” players. Many professional golfers smoke and drink while playing, not exactly your typical physical healthy habits. Nevertheless, golf can be played professionally by people who are non-athletic or out of shape and overweight. Even without a cart or caddie, the average calories burned in one hour playing golf is only 360. Let’s take a tour into the lives of 11 professional golfers that are out of shape.

1. Angel Cabrera – Angel Cabrera plays on the European Tour and the PGA Tour. As a U.S. Open Champion, he will be joining fellow golfers on the field of the 2016 Wyndham Championship. Cabrera was born in Cordoba, Argentina on September 12, 1969. He is commonly called “El Pato” (“The Duck”) because of his waddling walk. Cabrera’s humble beginnings are a true life rags to riches story. Cabrera is stocky and carries a few extra pounds but this chain smoker has given up cigarettes.