All About Your Favorite Golfers

13 Golfers Who Are Jerks in Real Life


As with any professional sport, it’s not difficult to understand how golfers can turn into entitled jerks. Maybe it’s the fame, the prize money, the celebrity status, or a cmbination of factors that turns them into people who behave terribly. Maybe it’s all of that plus the stress of the cameras and having to put on a show in what is normally a quiet, meditative game. Whatever the reason, some of the most smug, entitled athletes have been golfers. Here’s a peek at the worst of the worst.

Tiger Woods is a cautionary tale of the celebrity life of a professional golfer. When his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren learned of his numerous affairs with adult stars, she helped ensure that his once high-flying star would be irreparably tarnished. That’s damage that both he and his career will be slow to recover from.