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17 of Golf’s Richest Players


Golf is one of the world’s most widely played sports. Audiences around the world love the opportunity to get outside and challenge themselves on the golf field. Many people love to watch the game on television as well. This has helped many players earn fans and lots of money. Golf can be a very lucrative game for top players who can make it count when under pressure. Playing in tournaments and getting endorsements can easily lead to the accumulation of a large fortune for those who are really good at the game. Here are some of the richest players on the greens.

Thomas Bjørn- Net Worth- $3.5 Million

Thomas Bjørn is a native of Denmark and one of the leading players on the tour. He has more than twenty wins including three Ryder Cup victories. He is widely considered the most successful golfer to emerge from Denmark with an estimated career earnings of over a million.