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16 Richest Women Golfers


When most of us think of the game of golf, we might think of Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, or any of the other well-known male golfers. But did you know there’s a large contingent of women golfers as well? While they may not be as rich and famous as their male counterparts, many women have won big in the LPGA tournaments and made names for themselves along the way. Come and take a look at some of these incredible women who have racked up the career wins along the LPGA circuit.

Ai Miyazato – $7.6 million
Ms. Miyazato is a Japanese golfer who has already made quite the name for herself here in the United States. While she might not have been playing as long as some women on the list, she’s already racked up an impressive number of championships, and she certainly possesses the skills to continue to grow her career in the coming years.