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A Millionaire Spent Years Building a Full-Scale Ark. The Inside Is What’s Truly Mindblowing


Whether religious or not, nearly everyone has heard the story of “the ark,” the fabled boat Noah constructed under the order of God in order to save the creatures of the world from an oncoming flood. On the ark, Noah and his family placed two of every kind of creature onto the boat. Within the bible, there is text describing the actual size and measurements of the massive construction project. Of course much of the internal specifics were left up to Noah and his family. Could the boat actually be constructed based on the instructions found in the bible? That is something Johan Huibers wanted to discover.

1. Johan Huibers is a millionaire who also describes himself as a “hardcore creationist,” and because of this belief he always had a dream of constructing his own ark, to see if it would float and perform as the original had done, thousands of years prior. Living in Denmark, he had a dream that his Dutch coastline would be hit with flooding, and so he set out to construct his ver own ark, based on the word of God.