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A Mother’s Fear Turns Into Relief After Dog Throws Toddler Across the Yard


Parents love to get dogs for their children for many reasons. They see them as a way to protect the family and create a life-long companion. Rescue dogs seem to be the perfect role for this. However, people do not understand that rescue dogs are emotionally damaged and need time to get used to people again. Trust can be a hard thing to gain with the dogs due to a life of abuse from the bad homes they came from. They need more than just good food and a roof over their head. It takes work to put dogs on a road to recovery and help them trust again. These animals need a little extra care and attention in order to form a life-long loving bond when they are brought into their new home. If done right, things could work. The results can be rewarding and fulfilling. Sometimes, like in this story, in more ways than anyone can picture.