All About Your Favorite Golfers

Celebrity Golfers that Got Game


The game of golf draws a love it or hate it attitude and many celebrities love the outdoor sport that marries strategy, power hitting, aim and nature. It’s often featured in film. That’s when actress Cameron Diaz took her first swing. Other actors, like Clint Eastwood and George Lopez, have long played the game and regularly compete in Pro-Am games. But, who tops the list of celebrity golfers? The PGA, Golf Digest and other sport publications put together top 50 and 100 lists based solely on handicap and scores, but what about the talented celebrity players that go above and beyond for their favorite spirt? Here are nine top celebrity golfers who dedicate a hefty portion of their time and effort to the game, both playing it and helping further it.

Craig T. Nelson
He may have played a football coach, but “Coach” star Craig T. Nelson loves golf so much, he integrates the game into his movie roles. He’s got such game that the Golf Channel featured him on “Playing with the Pro’s.” He’s dedicated to the game and his favorite charity that he hosts his own celebrity tournament to benefit Lilac Services for the Blind.