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Family Dog Grabs Baby By Its Diaper, Then Mom Sees Surprising Reason Why


Dogs have been humankind’s best friend for at least 15,000 years. Dogs were our companions, protectors, and friends long before we tamed cows, goats, or hogs, and even before we planted our first large crops of corn or wheat. It makes sense that dogs would be our most loyal buddies no matter what happens — we take care of them, and they began taking care of us. But do dogs know to take care of us without training, without us asking them to? Read on and find out how this family dog proved his loyalty beyond a shadow of a doubt.


















Khan, an abused Doberman Pinscher rescued in Australia by a happy family, began proving her loyalty to her new family almost immediately. Khan needed a better life, and Catherine (the mother) and her family were ready to make that happen.