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Her Son Kept Coming Home With Headaches. Then He Sent Her Some Photos From The Cafeteria


Paulette though her sons were sad because they missed their friends. She is a hardworking single mom and the boys had just started school in the new district. They usually made friends easily. They were high energy boys with outgoing personalities. Paulette described them as smart students. So, when they started coming home from school and sitting around she thought it was odd, but not troubling. Then after a month or so she would find them asleep when she got home from work. She asked them if they were happy. The boys told her that they were fine and had a lot of new friends, but started complaining that they didn’t feel good.

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They started complaining about headaches. Paulette took the boys to the doctor when her younger son had repeated episodes of violent vomiting. After testing them the doctor informed her that they were experiencing migraines. They didn’t know what could be triggering the migraines. The doctor gave them a list of things to look for, and her oldest son figured it out. He remembered that he felt better when they didn’t have a school day and that he and his little brother talked about how bad the lunch was in school a lot. Paulette told reporters that she didn’t believe that it could be school lunches right away. “I thought they had regulations to protect the children from food that could be harmful. I didn’t know that they boys were skipping lunch that much. Kids don’t always like school lunch, but this was really bad.”