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How Much Does It Pay To Be Tiger Woods?


What President Obama is to politics, Tiger Woods is to golf. He was the first African American golfer to break into the top tier of the PGA Tour. Not only did he break into the top tier, he has had one of the most dominating careers ever. With his 14 Majors wins his dominance is in class with the reins of any great athlete in any sport. He has collect over a hundred million dollars in prize money during his golfing career. However, that is only about a tenth of the bacon he has brought home, the rest coming from endorsement gigs.

Forbes Magazine has Tiger’s net worth at $700m making him number 26 on the list of Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40. He was the only athlete to make that cut. His wallet has taken a hit though during the last few years while going through an expensive divorce from Scandinavian modal Elin Nordegren costing him roughly a hundred million. That’s got to feel like a whack from the club losing the equivalent of almost all your prize money you have ever collected throughout your career. Good thing he made all that money slinging major brands. He has had deals with major brands such as Nike, Gatorade, AT&T, and Buick.

All those companies, minus Nike, dropped him (like a clubbed baby seal) after his very public falling out with the wife. It came to light he had been living a Playboy lifestyle worthy of holding par with -the original Playboy himself- Hue Heffner. Rumor has it he would fly in different call girls to hook up with providing “company” to him on the tour. His game was up though when damning tapped phone call were leaked out. Elin did not take it too well to say the least. She hit Tiger Woods with a club as he was driving their SUV causing Tiger crash and get hurt. This injury had a devastating impact on Tiger’s drive, on the golf course.

After this incident Tiger was left with only Nike as a major brand sponsor and only had the likes of MuscleFarm to replace the defectors. However, Nike did stick by him which makes since considering they built a golf line which has generated over $700 million in sales that Tiger was the face of. His recent injuries have further troubled his earnings as well his performance. He is bringing in less than half of his 2008 high-water mark of $115 million. Hey but take a glass half full perspective, and look at it like this, hopefully he learned his lesson and not having to pay the air fare for hookers anymore.

All of this to say don’t lose any sleep worrying yourself about Mr. Woods’ finances. He is about to open a golf course he designed himself in Mexico and will be collecting a lucrative pension from the PGA tour. Given the American public’s tendency of forgiveness more endorsement money is sure to find his iconic image attractive. He is also very well spoken and articulate so a career in broadcast could very much be in the realm of possibility. Either way the Tiger will be sitting pretty for the rest of his days.