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Top 10 Richest Cricket Players


Common to areas such as Ireland, England, Scotland, and several other areas throughout the world, Cricket is a baseball like game that is made of 11 players on a given team. While the game itself is slightly different to that of American baseball the fact remains that some of the greatest players of the game have earned the most on and off the field. Here is a list of some of the highest paid cricket players around.

M.S. Dhoni
A World Cup Captain as of late, Dhoni has won the World Cup 2 times and has found a great amount of success fairly quickly in his young cricket career as a member of the Indian cricket team, While being loved by many of his fans, Dhoni is on this list as one of the richest players ever top play in the game. Along with the money earned from playing Dhoni also has several endorsements bringing his net worth to the approximated $100 million dollar mark.